Mindfulness Autumn

I am reminded yet again how the Seasons come and go anew. Each one with its own weather pattern. Now Autumn rolling in again. With some lovely sunshine days and emptier beaches.

The gratitude here in the Algarve as the bulk of tourists leave us too to the sweet rain, rainbows scattered as the sun and rain meet, after the dry heat of the summer that is full of tickling all our senses. The Smell of damp earth, the Sound of busy musical tweets of birds, the Sight of the returning green of nature as if by magic as the first rain drops fall, the Taste of chestnuts on the snug indoor fire and the Touch of warmer clothes on our skin. These and more all combine to remind us of the beauty that surrounds us, if we just slow down a little to notice it and settle it in our memory banks.

Lovely Mindful Morning sessions, many new faces amongst the returning ones and bookings taken for more formal courses for early next year.  This is a time of mindful gratitude, of feeling alive with sensations of now, openness and curiosity to what comes next…Best Wishes to all for the season and a small reminder to slow down to the beauty that is all around us here and now.


4 thoughts on “Mindfulness Autumn”

  1. Lovely sentiments Sofia. The changing seasons are a reminder of the divine order of everything around us. We’re a small part of something so big and beautiful and I’m grateful to be so.
    Blessings 🙏

    1. Really Anne Thank you warm winter wishes as seasons come and go Itreally is the human condition and Mindfulness practise gives us great tools to appreciate this x

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