Mindfulness – Daily Practise Will I ever learn to do it ?

Many students ask will I ever begin to practise Daily Meditation and Mindfulness Practice. For me the answer is most often the same – a resounding Yes and more, here a smile, you will miss if it you don’t.

It is at the core of a Mindfulness Invitation, particularly if engaging with a course, to become more mindful in our lives. Part of the enthusiasm for this “Is” to become more Mindful and wether it is finding time to practice a meditation, or simply to notice your breath as it comes and goes, to check in with your mental and physical weather pattern, each practise, each day, like baby steps opens us up to living a more Mindful life.

Becoming aware of this with practices within awareness of Compassion, Kindness and Non-Judgementalism are not always easy but so too they are not always difficult. So whilst we may all find ourselves asking the question all we need to do is to realise we do it every day and recognise it. The emotions associated with this may come and go but the Daily Practice remains. 

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