The breathing space – take it


A Reflection on the importance of The Breathing Space Practice and how wonderful a tool it is. Our Breath is an anchor – one that is continually there for us. As we slow down and feel the sensations of our breath for its full duration in and its full duration out, we can practice mindfulness of breath.

In this space we are able to simply following it, we can notice if our mind has wandered and gently bring it back. We can  be aware of the sensations in our body, of the movements, moment by moment, as we inhale and exhale.

In our busy lives this is a simple gift given freely that we do not always take. A space possibly labeled as something that we do as we, catch a breath, hold our breath, feeling the pain in our neck, tension rising in our shoulders and more….Take a breath…As we practice simply to be with what is here…

The Mindful Practice of the Breathing Space is drawn from many beautiful sources. It is a great meditation to make your own, use your own words, translate it to your own language make it yours – A lovely one to learn and practice daily – to check in with yourself. To offer to yourself an act of kindness.

It is simple in this – breath in – breath out – notice the sensations that are here. A tool to anchor us in the present.

So why not! Be kind and compassionate to yourself and practice this often. 🙂

My intention is to offer a version here as free meditation guided to start you off – sorting upload issues first!



(more information in – originators of this Mindfulness course)

by Sofia





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