After The Retreat

11057752_10153752262829129_1591250577828580011_nI am Just back from an amazing Mindfulness for Creativity & Yoga 

A Holiday/Retreat in the Eastern Algarve.  with Maggie Cregan from ( ) and Estella Ramos from Yoga Buddies

( )

What a Perfect Combination. I now really understand how Yoga is the practice of the body in preparation for Meditation. There were many smiles, laughter & some tears but 11 of us, mostly strangers came together and held each other through all these passing sensations. It really was a Joy and an affirmation for the practise of Mindfulness & Yoga. We attempted to spell Yoga 2016 on the beach as evidenced here. Thought we might add Mindfulness script as clouds in the blue sky. :)yogaattempt16Not sooo bad, We practised guided sessions at least twice a day, drank beautiful fresh made Juices, ate locally sourced fresh food. Visited a few local sites including the beach but we were generally happy to stay at the Villa and enjoy the pool, sessions & interesting company and get Creative.  Gratitude to all & Inspired for next week start of 5 week Mindfulness for Creativity Course here in West Algarve.

Roll on the next one. Sad not to be going to India with Maggie & Estella in December but as said I am inspired a refreshed and ready to share this happy place with new adventures for Autumn Gratitude Love Kindness & Compassion with best wishes to all you who should pass this way

🙂 <3 X


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