Gratitude – Spring has Sprung

       Here, now it feels

….after such a cold winter, that at last the days have been getting warmer and the evening light longer. Blossom adorning the Algarvian Almond trees grown originally, the mythology says, by a Portuguese Prince for his Swedish Princess so she would not feel “Suadades” – an un-translatable  word for longing or homesickness for her native snow. New shoots fresh green leaves and velvet fields, leading to the high spring tides on our sandy beaches.

Gratitude is in abundance at the new shoots and heat in the air. Mindfulness quotes posted on Social Media too reminding us of the growth of lovely ideas and people practicing and sharing. A growth of spring loveliness that can but grow a gentle lifting of the ears into a smile of #gratitude and happiness for now.

Hello to all and Thank yous for inspiring ideas and reminders of why and how to Practice daily Mindful meditations and movement as we live this “our wild and precious life.

by Sofia