Serendipity – Easy Progress

With the new clock change I am reminded of the importance of Daily Mindfulness Practice and the gratitude of the serendipity that often accompanies this. You know those moments when as you come to pinkskymindfulness mcpinkskytxtthink of something or someone there they are. It bring “Happiness” as it helps make progress feel easy.

It feels the right time for a change here in the Algarve, moving to cooler days with more energy to move, more water in wells and the first rains and occasional rainbows for ages. The air smells fresh , the joy of walking and seeing white blooms grow again  on my piripiri plant. Joy in the changing season breathing it in, in the here and now.

The beaches and favourite haunts are more empty and the sun shine often still warm, with cool nights feeling cosy again. There is much to enjoy and I wish you all well with the coming changes in your seasonal landscapes.